Extra Desktops is an application that allows to use extra desktops, besides the normal desktop. Use a desktop for storing your downloads, use one filled with your regularly played MP3, use another one for the files of that project you are currently working on.
With ExtraDesktops, there is no need anymore to browse to all these folders you regularly use: simply hit a key, and the files are right there on your desktop!



Screenshot of the Configuration Dialog
The configuration dialog of ExtraDesktops.
Screenshot of the Snow effect
It is also possible to use different styles on the desktop with ExtraDesktops.

How to Use

Once installed, you will find Desktop Effects integrated with Windows Explorer.


Right-click on an empty space of your desktop and choose the `Configure Extra Desktops' item.

Screenshot of the Desktop Effects menu entry


After accessing the configuration menu through a right-click on the desktop, you will be able to add new desktops.



A preview version of ExtraDesktops can be downloaded, that will expire on September 28, 2008.

Make sure you have the following packages installed:

Download InstallerImportant: this version will expire on September 28, 2008


Extra Desktops is copyright © Andreas Verhoeven, 2007.